Tuesday, 27 November 2018

How Do You Wash Curtains Without Taking Them Down?

Curtain Cleaning and Curtain Stain Removal are one of the important household chores and the funniest thing people always postpone or put off this job for years. The process of removing the curtains from the rods or hooks washing, ironing and re-hanging the curtains are little time consuming and you must carry great patience to complete the task successfully. So, these are the reasons why people always postpone the Curtain Cleaning chore.
After some point of time, they just replace the curtains easily without considering anything. If this is the problem here I have got a great solution, just keep the curtains and drapes in a good condition without removing them from the rods. Apart from all, if you have perfect tools curtain cleaning is as much easier as you think. Here are the tips to clean the curtains without removing it from the rods:
Use the vacuum cleaner with a long attachment to clean the dust from the curtains. For best results use the mobile and light weighted cleaning system. Use a ladder or step to reach a very top portion of the curtains. Keep your both hands free to do this job safely. To eliminate the stubborn dust and dirt use the soft brush attachment. Vacuum the curtains regularly to keep them in top condition.

Shake Them Out
Climb to the top portion of the curtains and shake the curtains well and hard as this will dislodge the stubborn dirt and dust from the curtains. Once you complete shaking you must vacuum the surrounding area as the dust and dirt fell on the floors area.
Brush The Tiny Fibers
Some of the types of fabric fibers can easily attract the dust and fabric fibers, these fibers are called as lint. The lint can stick to the materials during the vacuuming process. Use the lint roller or brush to remove the lint from the curtains.
Curtain Steam Cleaning
If your curtains are greasy or if you notice any unsighted stains on the curtain, try steam cleaning your curtain. This you can do without removing the curtains from the site. Use the powerful handheld steam cleaner with upholstery attachment to dislodge the stains and dirt from the curtains. This way of Curtain Steam Cleaning is a very easy job and will not consume more time and effort. However, check the manufacturer’s instruction before you steam clean the curtains.

Deodorize The Curtains
Curtain deodorization is a very important process which will help you to remove the unwanted odor from the curtain. Use upholstery deodorizer in a spray form to remove the odor from the curtain. Through this step, your curtains will look clean and smell fresh for long days. Place a bowl of baking soda with your favorite essential oil to keep the area fresh smelling.
Clean The Windows Regularly
Curtains often become dirty due to the untidy windows. Don’t let yourself to do extra job clean your windows on a regular basis to keep the curtains clean. Other wise, the cleaning agents, grease, grime and dirt from the window directly find their way to the screens.

Friday, 5 October 2018

How To Clean A Shower Curtain?

Because of mildew, dust particles and soap scum, the shower curtains get dirty very easily. The showers curtains can be cleaned using the washing machine to a maximum extent. You can also clean the shower curtains using hands; you can use baking soda to get rid of stains. Given below are a few methods by which you can clean the shower curtains easily. 

Cleaning your curtains using washing machine:
  • Remove the metal hooks from the curtains and put it in the washing machine. 
  •  You use towels along with the shower curtains to wash inside the washing machine. Washing shower curtains along with towels will remove all the wrinkles from the curtain. Make sure you use white towels or if at all it is a color towel make sure you have already washed it. 
  • You can make use of normal detergent powder to wash the curtains; you can also make use of baking soda to remove the stains that are deeply settled.
  • Wash the shower curtains using warm water if possible. 
  • For the curtains with mild stains, you can make use of normal detergent and baking soda to wash them. If the curtains have deep and strong stains, you can use bleaching powder to remove those stains.

Cleaning your curtains with hands:
  • Firstly add baking soda and normal detergent powder in a tub and soak the curtains for a few minutes. 
  • Start cleaning the shower curtains by rubbing the curtains in a gentle manner. 
  • After cleaning the curtains, rinse the curtains with warm water. 
  • Clean the remaining stains left out on the curtains with baking soda. 
  • Rinse the curtain again after cleaning the stains left over. 
  • Dry them in a well-ventilated area or under the sunlight. 
  • Spray a scent on the curtains to get a pleasant odor. 

Precautions to be taken:

  • Test a small portion of the curtain before using any detergents or bleaching powder. Know the detergents and cleaning powders to be used for the particular curtains used in your home.  
  • Read the manual properly before cleaning the curtains. 
  • If the curtain faces discoloration, then use any other proper detergent to clean. 
  • Mix vinegar and water in equal portions and then pour it in the spray bottle and maintain.
  •  Spray the mixed solution on the curtains daily to maintain the curtains in a proper manner and to create a pleasant odor and fresh surroundings. 
  • Know the proper detergent that suits your curtain and then proceeds with your cleaning process. Try to clean the curtains regularly. 
  • Use some pleasant fragrance to spray on the curtains in order to create a pleasant atmosphere. 
  • Wash the bottom portion of the curtains using vinegar and warm water regularly at least once in a week to avoid dirt in the area below. 
  • Try to use body wash liquids or soaps to wash the shower curtains instead of the detergent bars. 
  • If there are maximum stains then try to dry wash the curtains.
Follow these methods and clean your shower curtains on the go. Read More.